Our Offshore development model has a unique distinction of providing efficient software solutions with cost and quality advantage, using state-of-the-art technologies, having the capacity to handle large projects and, above all, the ability to execute timely deliveries.

Offshore deliver model

At PGR, our offshore software development services take the full load of development off shoulders. We will have a highly skilled team of developers and testers building out solutions to make you successful.
Through our offshore software services, you will get:
  • Highest cost savings
  • Single point of contact
  • Minimum 4 hours overlap with the on-site team
  • Clear, responsive communications

Onsite Delivery Model

PGR has the experience, scale and global resources to assume complete management responsibilities for a wide range of on-site software development options. If there is a need for a specific resource type, or if post-deployment support is desired, we are able to send our certified software professionals to a client facility.
Through our on-site software services, you will get:
  • Face-to-face interaction with the team member
  • Maximum control of team’s time and productivity
  • Negligible communication gap
  • Reduced recruitment/training costs

Hybrid Delivery Model

Taking the best of onsite and offshore software development models, PGR’s Hybrid Delivery Model will bring you true leverage of your team’s potential.
Through our Hybrid Delivery Model, you will get:
  • Transparent Project status and clear communication at all levels
  • Deeper understanding of each other’s working styles leading to long-term benefits
  • Optimized resource, quality, project and process management
  • Cost advantages of having offshore software developers

Benefits of Offshore Delivery Services Include:

  • Advanced Testing Center of Excellence Capabilities
  • Technology skills across a wide spectrum with fast ramp up and ramp down capabilities
  • Reduced Costs: low labor cost, which will be reflected in drastic reduction in the overall costs.
  • Clients can get high quality work from the quality offshore resources.
  • Client doesn’t have to worry about the infrastructure needed to complete their task.
  • 24×7 services in different time zones
  • Access to global technical process for customized need fulfillment
  • Global resource optimization